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Buffalo has a population of 292,000 in the city itself and about 1.1 million in the region.

The line is 10.6 km long, with 1.9 km at grade along a pedestrian mall in the downtown area and 8.7 km in tunnel, of which 2.5 km was constructed using the cut-and-cover technique, and 6.2 km was excavated by boring machines.

The underground section has full metro standard is completely accessible to the disabled; the stops along the surface segment, however, feature small ramps to allow boarding at the front door of the train; otherwise, passengers need to climb up some steps to access the trains.

Metro Rail is operated by Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Subways & Light Rail in the USA 1: East Coast


09 Oct 1984:(Special Events -) Erie Canal Harbor - Theater
18 May 1985: Theater - Amherst Street
10 Nov 1986: Amherst Street - University
17 Feb 2013: Theater station (between Fountain Plaza and the tunnel ramp) permanently closed

Buffalo Metrorail LRT Buffalo Metrorail LRT

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority NFTA-METRO - Official Site

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LRT in Buffalo




Buffalo Metrorail LRT Buffalo Metrorail LRT

Buffalo Metrorail LRT Buffalo Metrorail LRT




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