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Lima Metro Map


Lima, the capital of Peru, has some 8 million inhabitants.

In 1986, the Autoridad Autónoma del Proyecto Especial Sistema Eléctrico de Transporte Masivo de Lima y Callao was founded to develop the 'Tren Eléctrico'. Construction of the first section of Line 1 began, but towards the end of the 1990's construction came to a halt. 9.8 km had been built in the south of the city, from Villa El Salvador to Atocongo in the district of San Juan de Miraflores. In 1995, the first trial runs were untertaken on this stretch and repeatedly commercial service was announced but always postponed. Eventually construction towards the city centre (12.4 km) progressed and regular service finally started in 2012.

 Línea 1

34.4 km, 26 stations

Phase 1 - 22 km, 16 stations, mostly elevated, partly at grade
Phase 2 - 12.4 km, 10 stations, fully elevated

- 1435 mm gauge, overhead power supply, 1500 V dc

- Rolling stock:
5 six-car trains built by Ansaldo Breda (+ 2 reserve cars), train length 107 m
19 five-car Metropolis trains are being delivered from Alstom starting in 2013

Line 1 Timeline:

- Oct. 2002: free trial service Villa El Salvador - Atocongo
- 18 Jan 2003: regular commercial service (restricted to Mon - Fri 07:00-14:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-17:00)
- 24 March 2003: service extended
July 2003: Service suspended due to lack of funds to cover current operation costs
17 Jan 2004: Service resumed Sat & Sun 10:00 - 17:40

- 11 July 2011: Test operation between Grau and Villa El Salvador
- 03 Jan 2012: Start of limited trial service with passengers with trains serving Villa el Salvador, Parque Industrial, María Auxiliadora, Jorge Chávez, Ayacucho, Angamos, San Borja Sur, Arriola and Gamarra
- 05 April 2012: Start of full revenue service with a train approx. every 15 minutes

- 25 July 2014: Grau - Bayóvar (now with trains every 6-10 minutes from 06:00-23:00 on the completed L1)


Lima Metro L1 Miguel Grau Lima Metro L1 Cabitos Lima Metro L1 Cabitos Lima Metro L1 Cabitos Lima Metro L1 Cabitos Lima Metro L1 Cabitos Lima Metro L1 Cabitos Lima Metro L1 Cabitos

Photos 2014 © Jose L. Valdivieso


A network with 5 lines is envisaged (See here):

Line 2 (east - west): from Callao to Vitarte along Guardia Chalaca, Venezuela, Arica, Grau and Nicolás Ayllón, fully underground, construction started in May 2015

Line 3 from Callao to La Molina Línea tangential along Javier Prado, La Marina and Faucett.

Line 4 (south - northeast) from Chorrillos to San Juan de Lurigancho along Paseo de la República, Abancay, 9 de Octubre and Próceres.

Line 5 would run south along the coastline.

 Line 2 Presentation Video:

Lima Metro Lima Metro Lima Metro Lima Metro Lima Metro
Photos 2006 © Jose L. Valdivieso


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