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Portland Light Rail Map

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Portland light rail system 'MAX' (Metropolitan Area Express):
- 96.5 km
- 26 high-floor and, since 1992, 52 low-floor cars
- 5 lines:

Blue Line: Hillsboro - City Center - Gresham:
   Eastside section 24 km, opened Sept 1986; Civic Drive station added 1 Dec 2010.
   Westside extension 28.8 km, opened Sept. 1998, includes 4.8 km twin tunnel through West Hills with 1 underground station 'Washington Park'
Red Line: (Beaverton - City Center -) Gateway TC - Airport (8.8 km, opened 10 Sept. 2001)
Yellow Line: City Center (PSU) - Expo Center (9 km, opened 1 May 2004); since 12 Sept 2015 has continued south as Orange Line
Green Line: City Center (PSU) - Clackamas (10.5 km in median of I-205, opened 12 Sept. 2009)
Orange Line City Center - Milwaukie (11.5 km; actually operating as an extension of the Yellow Line, opened on 12 Sept 2015).

A second downtown route (Portland Mall), served by the Yellow and Green Lines, opened on 30 Aug 2009 (3 km), with the last two stops at PSU (SW 5th & Jackson and SW 6th & College) being brought into service on 2 Sept 2012.

Light Rail and Streetcar share the new bridge over the Willamette River opened in Sept 2015 along with the Orange Line.

On 4 March 2024, the Red Line was doubled in the area of the Gateway junction in the east of the metro area; this was done by adding a separate flyover and an inbound-only station called Gateway North, while outbound trains continue running on the single track previously used in both directions.

The Yellow Line was once planned to be extended north across the Columbia River to Vancouver, WA, in conjunction with a new bridge for I-5.

A southwestern extension of the Green Line from downtown towards Tualatin was rejected in a referendum in 2020.

In 2019, proposals were issued for a downtown tunnel.



Portland MAX light railPortland MAX light rail Portland MAX light rail Portland MAX light rail

Portland MAX light rail Portland MAX light rail

Portland MAX light rail Portland MAX light rail


Portland also boasts a proper streetcar (tramway) operating with modern Skoda, Inekon and United Streetcar low-floor vehicles.

A 5.3 km eastside extension opened on 22 Sept. 2012 as the first stage of a loop, which was completed on 12 Sept. 2015, sharing the new bridge over the Willamette River with the Orange Line.

Portland Streetcar Portland Streetcar

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Portland MAX network

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