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 California . USA

Sacramento Light Rail Map 2008 © R. Schwandl

Light rail system:

- 70 km
- 53 stops:
low platforms and high-floor trains (short high platform section for stepfree access at front door)
- single-track sections on American River crossing between Alkali Flat/La Valentina and Globe; from Roseville Rd to Watt/I-80; from a point halfway between Sunrise and Hazel to the Folsom terminus; on Green Line up to B Street
- major structures include the grade-separated junction east of 16th Street with a viaduct across a freight railway; and a viaduct across the mainline railway between University/65th St and Power Inn;
- street-running in the downtown area and on the northen leg of the Blue Line up to Arden/El Paso (except river crossing);
- 36 Siemens-Duewag U2A cars (1987)
- 40 CAF cars (2002/03)
- normally operated as 2-car trains, but 4-car trains during peaks
- every 15 minutes, with only every other train continuing on the Gold Line from Sunrise to Folsom; Green Line every 30 minutes and weekdays only

3 lines:

Blue Line: Watt/I-80 - Cosumnes River College
Gold Line: Sacramento Valley Station - Historic Folsom
Green Line: 13th Street - 7th & Richards/Township

12-03-1987: Watt/I-80 - 8th & O
05-09-1987: 8th & O - Butterfield (Watt/I-80 - Butterfield > 29 km, at that time mostly single-track)
1990s: double-tracking of most of the first line
14-07-1994: + 39th Street & 48th Street
06-09-1998: Butterfield - Mather Field/Mills
26-09-2003: 16th Street - Meadowview (South Line 10 km)
11-06-2004: Mather Field - Sunrise
15-10-2005: Sunrise - Folsom (12 km)
08-12-2006: Downtown Loop - Sacramento Valley Station (0.8 km)
09-01-2012: 8th & H/County Center stop (northbound only) added
15-06-2012: H Street - 7th & Richards/Township 9 (1.8 km)
24-08-2015: Meadowview - Cosumnes River College (6.9 km)

29-08-2021: Morrison Creek stop added

St. Rose of Lima Park (7th & K) light rail station previously located on K Street was relocated to a new location around the corner south on 7th Street, between K and L streets, on 20 March 2010.


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