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 Bahia . Brazil

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Salvador (Bahia) has an estimated population of 3 million.

The first metro line had been under construction for some 14 years before it finally opened, though with a very limited service, in time for the FIFA World Cup in June 2014. The metro system is now officially called the 'Sistema Metroviário de Salvador e Lauro de Freitas.' The first line is operated by CCR Metrô Bahia.

 Line 1

Construction began in April 2000. Opening of the first section was initially scheduled for 2003, but was delayed again and again. The line has 1435 mm standard gauge, uses a 3kV overhead power supply and is operated with a fleet of 6 4-car-trains supplied by Hyundai/Rotem, with 5 more to follow soon. Since completion in Dec 2015 of the last section from Lapa to Pirajá, line 1 has been 11.9 km long (1.4 in tunnel, 4.8 km elevated, rest at grade) with 8 stations.

11 June 2014: Lapa - Acesso Norte (6 km) - limited service
25 Aug 2014: Acesso Norte -
Retiro (1.6 km) - limited service
23 Apr 2015: Retiro - Bom Juá (2.1 km)
13 Nov 2015: Bonocô station added
22 Dec 2015: Bom Juá - Pirajá (2.2 km)
02 Jan 2016: revenue service started between Lapa and Bom Juá (limited service continues between Bom Juá and Pirajá until May 2016)
15 May 2016: full revenue service (05:00-24:00) between Lapa and Pirajá)

Metro Salvador Campo da Pólvora station Metro Salvador


 Line 2

Acesso Norte - Aeroporto, 19.6 km, 12 stations

05 Dec 2016: Acesso Norte - Rodoviária (2.3 km)
23 May 2017: Rodoviária - Pituaçu (6.3 km)
11 Sept 2017: Pituaçu - Mussurunga (7.5 km)
26 Apr 2018: Mussurunga - Aeroporto (3.5 km)

Metro Salvador Metro Salvador Metro Salvador



Later, line 1 will be extended to Águas Claras/Cajazeiras.

Line 2 may be extended further east from the airport to Lauro de Freitas.

The suburban rail line from Calçada to Paripe was closed on 14 Feb 2021 to be replaced by a monorail line, "Skyrail", to be build by Chinese company BYD; 24 km from Comércio to Ilha de São João, with a branch to metro station Acesso Norte [Project Website]


CCR Metrô Bahia (Official site)

Companhia de Transportes do Estado da Bahia

Allen Morrison's Latin America's Metros and Electric City Transport Site

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Acesso Norte station Lapa station Bonocô station Bonocô station

Metro Salvador Metro Salvador



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