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 Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo Metro


Santo Domingo (2.2 mill. inh.) is the capital of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea.

The Metro is operated with three-car trains of Alstom's Metropolis 9000 (identical to those in service on the Barcelona Metro).

 Line 1

Metro Santo DomingoThe originally planned metro line had an extension of 10 km, with 11 stations, running below Av. Maximo Gomez mainly in a north-south direction, all underground. The project was then modified due to objections made by the city, and the line eventually became 14.5 km with 16 stations. Instead of using the names of intersecting road, the stations were named after national personalities.

After construction had started in 2005, trial service was offered from 22 Dec 2008 to 06 Jan 2009, before an official inauguration took place on 29 Jan 2009.

30 Jan 2009: Mama Tingó - Centro de los Héroes (start of revenue service)

Elevated stations running along Hermanas Mirabal Ave:

1. Terminal Station "Mama Tingo" - Marañón
2. "Gregorio Urbano Gilbert" Station - La Paz
3. "Gregorio Luperón" Station - Buena Vista II
4. "José Francisco Peña Gómez" Station - Los Guaricanos
5. "Hermanas Mirabal" Station - Mirador Norte Park

Ground level station at Máximo Gómez Ave.:

6. "Máximo Gómez" station - La Isabela

Underground stations below Maximo Gomez Ave:

7. "Los Tainos" Station - at Nicolas de Ovando Av.
8. "Pedro Livio Cedeño" Station - at National Cemetery (Cementerio)
9. "Peña Batlle" Station - at Peña Batlle St.
10. "Juan Pablo Duarte" Station - at John F. Kennedy Ave. (interchange with east-west Line 2)
11. "Prof. Juan Bosch" Station - at 27 de Febrero Ave. (future interchange with east-west Line 3)
12. "Casandra Damirón" Station - at Teatro Nacional (National Theatre)
13. "Joaquín Balaguer" Station - at Santiago St. (across the Education Ministry, previously called Educación)

Underground stations below Correa y Cidron Ave:

14. "Amin Abel" Station - at University of Santo Domingo (previously Universidad)
15. "Francisco Alberto Caamaño" Station - at Abraham Lincoln Ave.

Underground stations below Jimenez Moya Ave:

16. Terminal Station "Centro de los Héroes" - (Feria)

 Line 2

Construction of the east-west metro line 2 started in Nov. 2009. Except for the bridge across the Ozama River it is entirely underground and runs along Avenida John F. Kennedy (western section), and Expreso V Centenario and Avenida Padre Castellanos (eastern section).

Line 2 opened on 1 April 2013 with a week of free trial service.

07 April 2013: María Montez - Eduardo Brito (start of revenue service)

Line 2's initial section was 10.3 km long and had 14 stations, which like on Line 1 are named after national personalities:

1. Est. María Montez - Av. Gregorio Luperon
2. Est. Pedro F. Bono - Av. Núñez de Cáceres
3. Est. Francisco G. Billini - Av. Dr. Defillo
4. Est. Ulises F. Espaillat - Av. Winston Churchill
5. Est. Pedro Mir - Av. Abraham Lincoln
6. Est. Freddy Beras Goico - Av. Lope de Vega
7. Est. Juan Ulises García - Av. Ortega & Gasset
8. Est. Juan Pablo Duarte - Av. Máximo Gómez (Interchange with Line 1)
9. Est. Coronel Rafael Tomas Fernández - Av. Leopoldo Navarro
10. Est. Mauricio Baez - Esc. Rep. Dom.
11. Est.Ramón (Mon) Cáceres - Av. Duarte
12. Est. Horacio Vásquez - Av. Josefa Brea
13. Est. Manuel de Jesús Abreu Galván - Av. José M. López
14. Est. Eduardo Brito - Av. Francisco del Rosario Sánchez

An eastern extension with four stations was started in summer 2013 and opened on 9 Aug 2018: Eduardo Brito - Concepción Bona (3.6 km):

21. Est. Ercilia Pepín - Avenida San Vicente de Paúl/Avenida Venezuela, que ha sido nombrada , la
22. Est. Rosa Duarte - Avenida San Vicente de Paúl/Avenida Fernández de Navarrete, nombrada , la número
23. Est. Trina de Moya Vásquez -Avenida San Vicente de Paúl/Avenida San Vicente de Paúl/Avenida
24. Est. Concepción Bona next to Megacentro

- Western mostly elevated 5.6 km extension with 5 stations under construction


Santo Domingo Metro Santo Domingo Metro Santo Domingo Metro
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