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Shiraz has some 1.3 million inhabitants and lies in the southwest of Iran, about 500 km south of Tehran. It is the capital of the Fars province.

When finished, Line 1 of the Shiraz Metro will be 22.4 km long and will connect Gol-e-Sorkh Square to Ehsan Square. There will be 20 underground stations and one station above ground (Chamran Bridge).

For the southern 15 km, two separate tunnels with a diameter of 7 m are being constructed, the rest is being built as a double-track cut-and-cover tunnel. Between Chamran Bridge and Mirza Koochak Khan Sq., the line is at grade. Stations in shallow sections have side platforms, and deep-level stations have an island platform.


11 Oct 2014: L1 Ehsan - Namazi
05 May 2015: Shahed station
11 Feb 2016: Motahari station
28 Aug 2016: Avini station
20 Apr 2017: Namazi - Zandiyeh (without intermediate stations)
22 Aug 2017: Vali-e Asr - Shahid Dastgheyb (with intermediate stations Fazilat and Shahid Doran) (10.5 km)
07 Dec 2017: Razi station
11 Feb 2018: Janbazan station
15 Mar 2018: Kaveh station
13 Oct 2018: Ghadir & Forsat Shirazi stations
10 Feb 2019: Emam Hossein station
27 Aug 2020: Vakilorroaya station
08 Feb 2023: Line 2 Emam Hossein Qahramanan (xx km, limited service!)
26 Feb 2024: L2 Doulat and Rahmat stations

Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro Shiraz Metro

The 15 km Line 2 will intersect with Line 1 at Emam Hossein Square. Construction of the first 11 km section started in Jan 2014.

Line 3 will be 16 km long and run from Mirza Koochak Khan Sq. on Line 1 to Sadra New Town. The first 4 km section will be in a shallow tunnel, and the rest at grade. There will be four underground and four surface stations. At the terminus it will provide transfer to the mainline railway at Golestan Town.



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