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 South Korea

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Daejeon* has some 1.2 million inhabitants and is situated in the centre of the Republic of Korea, 160 km south of Seoul.

The first line of a planned 5-line subway network was opened on 16 March 2006, although it was initially planned to be operable for the Soccer World Cup held in 2002.


 Line 1

Line 1 runs from Wisandong (Banseok) in the northwest through the city centre and east to Panam. At Daejeon Station transfer is provided to Korean National Rail. The line is 22.6 km long with 22 stations.

16 March 2006 - Panam - Government Complex (12.4 km)
17 April 2007 - Government Complex - Banseok (10.2 km)


Daejeon Subway Daejeon Subway

Daejeon Subway Daejeon Subway


Daejoen once had a project to build five metro lines (map), but this was cancelled. Instead, line 2 may be built as a sort of light rail circular line. Previously, Line 2 (30.5 km) was to become a ring line which would intersect with Line 1 three times. Line 3 (24 km) was to run north-south parallel to an existing rail corridor, Line 4 (9.7 km) was to become another north-south route further west, and Line 5 (15.6 km) was meant to cross the city from east to west. The total network was planned to reach 102 km.



Daejeon Express Transit Corporation (Official Site)

City Server


* Daejeon was formerly transliterated into English as Taejon!

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