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Taoyuan Airport MRT map

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Taoyuan is a special municipality to the west of Taipei, including Taiwan most important airport (Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport); pop. 2.1 million

Taoyuan is developing a 5-line urban rail system. The Blue Line was designed to link some parts of the vast city to the new high-speed rail station and the airport, but later the project was merged with the Airport MRT project, so that trains will run through to Taipei serving all stations (every 15 min), while Airport Express trains will call every 15 minutes at some stations: New Taipei Industrial Park, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital as well as Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 2.

Taipei Main Station - Zhongli; 51.5 km, 25 stations

02 March 2017: Taipei Main Station - Huanbei (regular service launched)

Airport MRT Airport MRT Airport MRT



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