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Vienna Tram Map - Wiener Straßenbahn Netzplan © UrbanRail.Net

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U-Bahn Wien


Vienna Tram Logo Wiener Straßenbahn-LogoWien (Vienna - capital of Austria - 1.7 million inh.) boasts one of the world's largest tram networks, plus the "Badner Bahn", a light rail line operated by Wiener Lokalbahnen which shares tram tracks between Philadelphiabrücke and Kärntner Ring/Oper.


- 1435 mm gauge
- network length ~ 168 km
- 29 lines
- rolling stock: older high-floor trams E1 ((Lohner/SGP) and E2 (SGP/Bombardier) with trailers c3, c4, c5; low-floor "ULF" types A (24 m) and B (35 m) (Siemens)

There is an underground tram section between Südtiroler Platz and Eichenstraße on tram route 18, which connects the two main railway stations (Südbahnhof and Westbahnhof), with a short branch below Wiedner Hauptstraße (lines 1, 62 and WLB), and a southern ramp at Matzleinsdorfer Platz (lines 1 and 6). Part of the tunnel is also used by tram routes 1, 6, 62 and WLB (Badner Bahn). The underground tram system includes a total of 6 stations, Südtiroler Platz, Blechturmgasse, Kliebergasse, Matzleinsdorfer Platz, Eichenstraße and Laurenzgasse.

 Recent History

22 Dec 2012: Josef-Baumann-Gasse - Kagran (Line 25 - 0.9 km)
05 Oct 2013: Kagraner Platz - Hausfeldstraße (Line 26 - 4.6 km)

28 Feb 2014: [X] Alaudagasse - Oberlaa taken out of service due to U1 extension (Line 67: -2.4 km)


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Robert Schwandl: WIEN U-BAHN ALBUM. Urban Rail in Vienna. Oct. 2006, Robert Schwandl Verlag, ISBN 3-936573-14-X (More details)

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Tram Atlas Schweiz & Österreich Robert Schwandl:


 Dec. 2010, Robert Schwandl Verlag, ISBN 3-936573-27-5 (More info) > NEW EDITION Summer 2014!

Detailed geographically correct maps of all Swiss and Austrian tram and trolleybus systems, illustrated with numerous colour photos and enhanced with basic data about routes, lines, rolling stock, etc.

Wolfgang Kaiser: Die Wiener Straßenbahnen. Vom "Hutscherl" bis zum "Ulf". - Nov. 2004, 160 p., GeraMond, ISBN 3765471895



U-Bahn Wien

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