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 Bayern | Bavaria . Germany

Nürnberg U-Bahn Map


Schoppershof U2Nürnberg and Fürth, together with other towns, form a metropolitan area with about 800,000 inhabitants, Nürnberg being the second largest city in Bavaria (after the capital Munich).

In 1963, the city of Nuremberg approved the construction of underground routes for the existing tram network, similar to what was being developed at that time in Cologne and other German cities. But already in 1965, the city decided to follow Munich's example and build a full-scale U-Bahn system.

The U-Bahn network comprises three lines, with line U1 (+ peak-hour extra trains labelled as U11) operating on its own route, while lines U2 and U3 run on the same tracks along the central section.

In 2011, the total length of the network is 36 km, with 48 stations.

Line U1 intersects with Lines U2/U3 twice, at Plärrer where U1 and U2/U3 join on two levels with cross-platform transfer in each direction, and at Hauptbahnhof where U1 uses the lower and U2/U3 the upper platform.

The U-Bahn system is complemented by an S-Bahn network, with S1 to Lauf (1987) and S2 to Altdorf (1992) operating from the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) towards the east, and line S3 south to Roth (2001).

  Fürth Hardhöhe - Langwasser Süd :: 19 km, 27 stations
Fürth KlinikumConstruction work started in the south at Langwasser Süd and slowly approached the city centre. The first section of U1 opened 1 March 1972 between Langwasser Süd and Bauernfeindstraße. In 1982, line U1 eventually reached the city of Fürth (Jakobinenstraße). Maps also show line U11, which is used for trains not running the entire route during peak hours only.

Line U1 is partly underground and partly above ground (at Hasenbuck, and between Bauernfeindstraße and Scharfreiterring) or even elevated (between Eberhardshof and Stadtgrenze). Apart from Muggenhof and Stadtgrenze all stations have a central platform. Station design is very functional, the only outstanding station being Lorenzkirche showing stone rosettes from the church above.

01-03-1972 - Langwasser Süd - Bauernfeindstraße
18-06-1974 -
Bauernfeindstraße - Frankenstraße
23-09-1975 -
Frankenstraße - Aufseßplatz
28-01-1978 -
Aufseßplatz - Weißer Turm
20-09-1980 -
Weißer Turm - Bärenschanze
20-03-1982 -
Bärenschanze - Jakobinenstraße
07-12-1985 -
Jakobinenstraße - Fürth Hauptbahnhof
05-12-1998 - Fürth Hauptbahnhof - Stadthalle
04-12-2004 - Stadthalle - Klinikum
09-12-2007 - Klinikum - Hardhöhe

Fürth Stadthalle Fürth Rathaus Eberhardshof


  Röthenbach - Flughafen :: 13.1 km, 16 stations

The southern branch of line U2 was built between 1978 and 1984, two years later trains reached Röthenbach. The northern branch opened in stages until 1996 as far as Herrnhütte. The extension to Nuremberg Airport (Flughafen) in the north (3.3 km, 2 stations) opened in 1999. This line is entirely underground although daylight can be seen at Opernhaus station which is open to one side towards the city wall moat. All stations have central platforms. At Nordostbahnhof, where regional train R21 leaves for Gräfenberg, part of the station allows daylight to come in. Line number U21 is used for peak-hour trains between Röthenbach and Ziegelstein. In 2009, line U2 was converted to fully automatic driverless operation, while manually driven trains and automatic U3 trains shared the same tracks during a 1-year trial period. Driverless operation was started on U2 on 02 Jan 2010, with four-car trains during peak hours, and two-car trains during off-peak hours.

28-01-1984 - Plärrer - Schweinau
27-09-1986 - Schweinau - Röthenbach
24-09-1988 - Plärrer - Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)
29-09-1990 - Hauptbahnhof - Rathenauplatz
22-05-1993 - Rathenauplatz - Schoppershof
27-01-1996 - Schoppershof - Herrnhütte

27-11-1999 - Herrnhütte - Flughafen

Rathenauplatz U2 Hauptbahnhof U2 Ziegelstein

  Gustav-Adolf-Straße - Friedrich-Ebert-Platz :: 9 km, 13 stations (3.6 km and 6 stations shared with line U2)

Line U3, which actually consists of two branches off line U2, west from Rathenauplatz to Nordwestring and southwest from Rothenburger Straße to Gebersdorf, was due to start operation in 2005 as Germany's first fully automatic driverless metro line. But due to technical teething problems the start of operation was delayed time and again, but after endless test runs, normal service finally started on 15 June 2008. For the first year driverless trains were operated jointly with manned U2 trains on the same track; after that line U2 was also converted to driverless operation.

15-06-2008: Gustav-Adolf-Straße - Maxfeld
11-12-2011: Maxfeld - Friedrich-Ebert-Platz
22-05-2017: Friedrich-Ebert-Platz - Nordwestring

Maxfeld Sündersbühl U3 Kaulbachplatz U3 Kaulbachplatz U3 Friedrich-Ebert-Platz U3 Friedrich-Ebert-Platz U3 U3 U3 U3


Line U3 is further under construction at its southern end: Gustav-Adolf-Straße to Großreuth (2019).

Line U1 has been planned to run further west from Hardhöhe to Kieselbühl, but this project is currenly on hold due to a delay in the development of the area.



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Wöhrder Wiese Ziegelstein Rothenburger Straße
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Nürnberg U-Bahn AlbumMichael Schedel: NÜRNBERG U-BAHN ALBUM incl. tram & S-Bahn - Jan. 2007, Robert Schwandl Verlag, 96 pages, Text German & English, ISBN 978-3-936573-11-4 - now just €4.50 !


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 Photos 2

Plärrer Frankenstraße Opernhaus

Fürth Hardhöhe Fürth Hardhöhe

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U3 Rathenauplatz © Felix Thoma U2 Rathenauplatz

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