L11 Trinitat Nova – Can Cuiàs
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   Trinitat Nova



Neighbourhood on the western side of the Meridiana Avenue, which separates it from Trinitat Vella (see Line 1). Station originally built for L4, now shared between L4 and L11, the latter using the northern track. Transfer to L3 added in 2008.


Trinitat Nova Trinitat Nova

Trinitat Nova

   Casa de l'Aigua




   Torre Baró


Initially partly uncovered station, now covered with translucent roof.


Torre Baro - Vallbona Torre Baro - Vallbona

L11 Torre Baró - Vallbona

   Ciutat Meridiana



Like the other stations originally without platform screen doors, now with them.

Ciutat Meridiana Ciutat Meridiana

L11 Ciutat Meridiana 2015


   Can Cuiàs  


Can Cuiàs

Special Features of Line L11:

Total length: 2.1 km, 5 stations

European standard track gauge of 1435 mm

Operated by TMB, with 2-car trains of class 2000.

Single-track line except for a passing loop at Torre Baró-Vallbona station. Retrofitted with platform screen doors for driverless operation between Casa de les Aigües and Can Cuiàs.

L11 train



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