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 Andalusia . Spain

Sevilla Tram Network MetroCentro


Sevilla (Seville) - 700,000 inh. (1.4 mill in metropolitan area); capital of Andalusia in southern Spain.

While the first light metro line was under construction, a short surface tram line (T1, promoted as MetroCentro) was brought into service through the historic city centre on 28 Oct 2007. This line initially used the same type of vehicles as those in service on the light metro line, but in early April 2011, these were replaced by new Urbos 3 vehicles manufactured by CAF. The tram line is operated by TUSSAM, Sevilla's bus operator, and not by Metro de Sevilla.

- 3.2 km
- on a reserved right-of-way but with level crossings between Prado de San Sebastián and Puerta de Jerez (where it parallels the underground metro line) and along the pedestrianised street Av. de la Constitución in the historic centre. Since April 2011, the section between Archivo de Indias and Plaza Nueva has been operated without catenary in battery mode.
- 7 stops
- 1435 mm gauge (interlaced tracks between Plaza Nueva and Archivo de Indias where the line runs alongside the Cathedral)

- 28 Oct 2007: Plaza Nueva - Prado de San Sebastián
- 15 Apr 2011: Prado de San Sebastián - San Bernardo
- 19 June 2024: San Bernardo - Eduardo Dato (Metro Nervión) (1 km)
- planned to continue to Santa Justa railway station


 Photos 2011

Tram Sevilla Metrocentro Tram Sevilla Metrocentro

Tram Sevilla Metrocentro Tram Sevilla Metrocentro

 Photos 2009

MetroCentro MetroCentro MetroCentro MetroCentro MetroCentro MetroCentro MetroCentro MetroCentro



In the Sevilla metropolitan area, a total of three tram/light rail lines are planned:

1) Tranvía Metropolitano de Alcalá de Guadaíra:
starting from Pablo de Olavide metro station, 12 km to Alcalá de Guadaíra (under construction, see map here)

2) Tranvía Metropolitano de Dos Hermanas (5 km):
basically a southern extension of the Metro, but most likely operated separately to avoid mixed tram-like and metro-like service (planned)

3) Tranvía de Aljarafe:
north-south line linking the municipalities west of Sevilla to metro stations Ciudad Expo and San Juan Alto (planned)


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