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Paris, the capital of France (2.2 million inh., 6.7 million n Greater Paris and 10.8 million in Ile-de-France), is one of Europe's largest cities.

Besides its dense metro system and extensive RER network, Paris now has several tram lines which, however, do not form a proper network, but each line operates separately and has its own characteristics, though all share the standard gauge of 1435 mm:


 Line T1

- opened 1992
- 18 km
- 37 stops
- rolling stock: TFS

15-11-2012: St Denis - Asnières-Gennevilliers/Les Courtilles (4.9 km, 10 stops)
12-10-2019: Asnières-Gennevilliers/Les Courtilles - Asnières/Quatre Routes (0.8 km, 1 stop)

A project website for the western extension to Nanterre (Stage 2) is here!

In the east, to be extended from Noisy-le-Sec to Val de Fontenay (7.7 km) > 2023

tramway paris T1 tramway paris T1

 Line T2

- opened 1997 re-using old railway line
- 17.9 km km
- 24 stops
- rolling stock: Alstom Citadis

19-11-2012: La Défense - Pont de Bezons (4.2 km, 7 stops)

tramway paris T2 tramway paris T2

 Line T3a

"Tramway des Maréchaux" - Southern section

- opened in 2006 along southern boulevards, from Pont du Garigliano to Porte d'Ivry (7.9 km)
- extended east and north from Porte d'Ivry to Porte de la Chapelle (14.5 km, 26 stops) on 15 Dec. 2012, creating actually two separate lines, T3a and T3b.

- 12.4 km
- 25 stops
- rolling stock: Alstom Citadis (2.65 m wide)

Ligne Tramway T3a

tramway paris T3 tramway paris T3

 Line T3b

"Tramway des Maréchaux" - Northern section

- initial section from Porte de Vincennes to Porte de la Chapelle opened on 15 Dec. 2012, when line 3 was split into T3a and T3b:
- extended further west by 4.3 km from Porte de la Chapelle to Porte d'Asnières on 24 Nov 2018.
05 Apr 2024: Porte d’Asnières – Porte Dauphine (3.2 km)

- 17.4 km
- 33 stops
- rolling stock: Alstom Citadis (2.65 m wide)

Ligne Tramway T3b

Official Project Website

 Line T4

- opened 2006 on old railway line, 2019 branch added on new tram alignment
- 13.5 km
- rolling stock: Siemens Avanto & Alstom Citadis Dualis
- operated by SNCF

2006: Bondy - Aulnay (7.9 km)
14 Dec 2019: 4.7 km branch from Gargan to Arboretum [Project Website]
31 Aug 2020: 0.9 km single-track extension from Arboretum to Hôpital de Montfermeil

T4 tramway paris T4 T4

 Line T5

- Tram sur pneu (rubber-tyred tram)
- opened 29 July 2013: Marché-de-Saint-Denis - Garges-Sarcelles
- 6.6 km
- 16 stops
- rolling stock: Translohr

Official project website

tramway paris T5 tramway paris T5
 Line T6

- Tram sur pneu (rubber-tyred tram)
- opened 13 Dec 2014: Châtillon (M13) - Robert Wagner
- 28 May 2016: Robert Wagner - Viroflay
- 14 km with 1.6 km in tunnel
- 21 stops (2 underground)
- rolling stock: Translohr

Official Project Website

tramway paris T6 tramway paris T6 tramway paris T6

tramway paris T6 tramway paris T6 tramway paris T6


 Line T7

- conventional tram
- Villejuif (M7) - Athis-Mons
- 11.2 km
- 18 stops
- opened 16 Nov 2013

Official Project Website

tramway paris T7 tramway paris T7


 Line T8

- conventional tram
- Saint-Denis (Porte de Paris, M13) - Epinay and a branch to Villetaneuse
- 8.5 km
- opened 16 Dec 2014

Official Project Website

Paris Tram T8 Paris Tram T8

Paris Tram T8 Paris Tram T8


 Line T9

- conventional tram
- Porte de Choisy (T3, M7) - Orly-Gaston Viens via Mairie de Vitry-sur-Seine (M15)
- 10.3 km
- opened 10 April 2021

Official Project Website

Paris Tram T9


T9 T9 T9


 Line T10

- conventional tram line between Clamart and Antony
- 6.8 km
- opened 24 June 2023

Official Project Website

 Line T11

- opened 01 July 2017 from Epinay-sur-Seine to Le Bourget
- built alongside northern orbital freight by-pass
- also referred to as "Tangentielle Nord"
- 10.6 km
- 7 stops
- rolling stock: 15 Alstom Citadis Dualis
- operated by SNCF

To be extended into a 28 km route between Sartrouville in the northwest of Paris and Noisy-le-Sec in the east.

Paris Tram T11


T11 T11
 Line T12

- tram-train between Massy and Évry-Courcouronnes (20 km, 16 stops) - between Massy and Epinay-sur-Orge, line T12 took over the former rail line which is was part of RER line C.

- opened 10 Dec 2023

Official Project Website


 Line T13

- tram-train between Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Saint-Cyr, previously known as "Tangentielle Ouest" running partly on the reactivated 'Grande Ceinture' (outer orbital railway), and partly on new sections:

- opened 6 July 2022: Saint-Germain-en-Laye - Saint-Cyr (18.8 km)

- to be extended north via Poissy to Achères-Ville

Official Project Website



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Trams in Paris by Christoph Groneck (not updated)


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Tram Atlas France - Frankreich Tram Atlas Frankreich | France (2nd edition, 2022)

This revised edition of our bilingual (German/English) and illustrated atlas includes all tramway and trolleybus cities in France, plus all the Métro and VAL systems. Each city features a detailled system map, some with an enlarged city centre area, showing all stops, loops, single-track section, depots etc. Short texts provide information about special features, while details about history and operation are presented in tables. All current vehicles are depicted in one of the numerous colour photographs.

Angers, Aubagne, Avignon, Besançon, Bordeaux, Brest, Caen, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Le Havre, Le Mans, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Nancy, Nantes, Nice, Orléans, Paris, Reims, Rouen, Saint-Étienne, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours, Valenciennes

160 pages, 17x24 cm, approx. 300 colour images, network maps, text Deutsch/English
Feb. 2022 - ISBN 978 3 936573 66 4, EUR 19.50

More info here!

U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram in Paris

U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram in Paris

The French capital has much more to offer to urban rail enthusiasts than the world-famous "Métro", which is currently being expanded on a large scale in the outer areas of the Paris conurbation. Known as "RER", frequent cross-city trains run far beyond the city limits, a network complemented by a series of radial suburban lines classified as "Transilien". In addition, there are now 11 tram lines, some of them isolated from each other, including two "Tram-Train" routes operated by SNCF, and two "Translohr" lines, which feature trams on rubber tyres. The transport scene is rounded off by two VAL systems, i.e. driverless small-profile metros that connect the two major airports. In this book, author Christoph Groneck presents every means of urban rail transport, giving an overview of the respective history of each system and the vehicles used. At the end of the book, the reader will find detailed maps in the form of an atlas of the entire metropolitan area of Paris, which is home to some 10 million people.

160 pages, 17x24 cm, approx. 300 colour images, network maps, text Deutsch/English

May 2020 - ISBN 978 3 936573 62 6, EUR 19.50

More info here!



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