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Bologna Tram


Bologna, in the north Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, 400,000 inh., is planning a network of 4 tram lines:

The Red Line from Terminal Emilio Lepido to Parcheggio Michelino and Facoltà di Agraria/CAAB started construction in April 2023, with the Green Line from the city centre north to Corticella following soon.


Tram Bologna (Project Website)

Bologna City incl. project news

SFM Bologna (Suburban Railways)


 Former light rail project

Bologna was planning a network of 2 automatic mini-metro lines (like VAL), but in 2004 this project was questioned and new alignments have been proposed.

In late 2004, a decision was taken in favour of a Metrotranvia (light rail): Michelino - Fiera - Stazione Centrale - city centre - Borgo Panigale. This project was approved by the Italian government on 30 July 2005.

Line 1 will link the trade fair grounds (Fiera) to the central station (Stazione FS), then pass through the city centre before continuing westwards to Borgo Panigale. The total length of the line will be 11.8 km, of which 6.5 km is in tunnel, and the rest on the surface. The section between Fiera and Ospedale Maggiore, which includes 12 underground stations (Fiera Michelino, Regione S. Donato, Fiera Regione, Liberazione, Bolognina, Stazione FS, VIII Agosto, Piazza Maggiore, Bassi, Riva di Reno, Porta Saffi, Malvasia) and one surface station (Ospedale Maggiore), is totally segregated and thus has metro standard. The average station distance is 550 m. On this section, trains are planned to run every 2 minutes. Platforms will be low-floor and only 34 m long and 2.6 m wide, all built by cut-and-cover. The depot will be located beyond Fiera Michelino station.

The western section between Ospedale Maggiore and Borgo Panigale will be on the surface with level crossings. There will be 11 stops: Prati di Caprara, Battindarno, Santa Viola, Ponte Lungo, Cinta, Borgo Panigale FS, Scala, Borgo Panigale Chiesa, Ducati, Luther King, Normandia. Average distance between stops is 450 m. On the surface stretch a train will run every 4-6 minutes.

Currently also the suburban network is being upgraded to create a modern metropolitan rail system. This project includes the construction of 7 new stations within the city of Bologna and upgrading the existing ones.


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