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Kraków Tram Network Map


Kraków (Cracow) - 760,000 inhabitants, in southern Poland, in Lesser Poland region.


- electrified since 1901
- 94 km
- 23 lines
- 1435 mm gauge

Krakowski szybki tramwaj | Cracow Rapid Tram

The tram tunnel is the central part of two planned "rapid tram" lines in Cracow, which will use some upgraded sections of the existing tram network and some new tracks. The tunnel section includes two underground stations ("Central railway station" and "Technical University") and end with an interchange station in an open cutting at Rondo Mogilskie. Most parts of the tunnel incl. the station under the railway station were already built in the 1980s.


 Recent History

11 Dec 2008: Tunnel Politechnika - Rondo Mogilskie
30 Dec 2011: Kobierzynska - Ruzcaj (1.8 km)
17 Nov 2012: Ruzcaj - Czerwone Maki
31 Aug 2015: Dworcowa - Dw. Plaszow - Lipska (1.4 km)
28 Aug 2022: Lagiewniki SKA – Kurdwanow (1.6 km)
04 Sept 2023: Krowodrza Gorka – Papierni Pradnickich (3.6 km)
08 Jan 2024: Papierni Pradnickich – Gorka Narodowa (0.7 km)



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Tram Atlas Poland Robert Schwandl's


In Poland, numerous first-generation tram systems have survived, including the large networks in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznan, Lodz, Wroclaw and the trams in the Upper Silesian industrial area around Katowice. In Olsztyn, a completely new system opened in 2015. This book covers all the Polish cities which have trams as well as the three cities with trolleybuses. The country's only metro system, that in the capital Warsaw, is included too.The book is illustrated with detailed network maps, and hundreds of colour photographs of almost all the current rolling stock and numerous metro stations

10/2017, Text deutsch/English, ISBN 978 3 936573 50 3, EUR 19.50 - For more info & sample pages click here!


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