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Chelyabinsk is situated on the south-eastern tip of the Ural mountain range and has 1.1 million inhabitants with more than 100 ethnic groups living in the city. During the Soviet period a typical 3-line-network was planned and construction of the first line started in 1992. The initial central section has 3 stations and is 4.5 km long, the whole stretch under construction comprises 8.25 km with 5 stations altogether. Tunnels are being built by NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method).

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Further plans include an extension of this line both east and west and two more lines. The second line will run from the north (Stalevarov) via the Revolution Square and the Central Railway Station to the south (Mashinostroiteley). The third line is planned to connect the northeast (Pervoozernaya) to the southwest (Shershnevskaya) via Prospekt Pobedy and the Central Railway Station.

Update - Jan 2007: There will be 4 stations instead of 3 on the first section of Chelyabinsk metro: "Komsomolskaya Ploshchad'", "Ploshchad' Revolutsii", "Torgovyi Tsentr" and "Prospect Pobedy". Its total length will make 5.7 km plus a 1 km branch to the depot. This was announced by the Deputy Director of "Chelyabinskmetrotransstroy" Anatoliy Zaprudin on the 24 January, 2007. Metrostroy has dug as much as 516 m of tunnels in 2006. From which: 232m by shooting towards "Torgovyi Tsentr", 284 m by TBM "Lovat" towards "Komsomolskaya Ploshchad'". In 2007 it is planned to build another 1.5 km of Chelyabinsk Metro.

Opening of the first section of Chelyabinsk Metro was shifted to at least 2013. On January 2007 Ildar Usmanov - General Manager of "Chelyabinskmetrotransstroy" - announced at a press conference that they are behind the schedule for several years. Thus, in 2006 TBM "Lovat" has dug only 284 m instead of planned 991 m.

Update - July 2006: 342 meters of tunnels have been dug. Target date of opening of first section (3 stations) is 2010.

Update - May 2006: Cut-and-cover construction of Komsomol'skaya station has begun.

Update - Aug 2004: The opening of the first section incl. three stations (Torgovyiy Tsentr - Revolution Sq. - Komsomolskaya Sq.) is envisaged for 2010, if financing can be guaranteed.

Update - April 2001: First part of the metro line, Komsomol'skaya Pl - Pl Revol'utsii - Torgovyiy Tsentr (3 stations), might be opened in summer 2006. But due to financial problems, this may be later (in 2001, 74 mln roubles were asigned to Chelyabinsk metro from the federal budget).

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