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 Tatarstan . Russia

Kazan Metro Map © 2005 UrbanRail.Net (R. Schwandl)

Kazan Tram Kazan' Tram

Kazan (Qazan), the capital of Tatarstan, lies at the confluence of the rivers Kazanka and Volga and has 1.14 million inhabitants.

There were plans to build a 3-lines-network with 4 transfer stations. Construction work on the first line started in 1997:

 Tsentralnya Liniya

(Central Line - 16.8 km - 11 stations) runs from the northern industrial sites through the city centre to the southeastern residential areas. The central section of this line from Kremlyovskaya to Gorki opened on 27 August 2005 in time for the city's millenium celebrations.

The Kazanka River is crossed underground at a depth of up to 28 m. Construction of the river crossing began in May 2006, with Koz'ya Sloboda opened in Dec 2010.

Station names and other signs are displayed both in Russian and in Tatar (the latter also using Cyrillic letters).

As of 2013, there are 9 three-car trainsets of longer articulated "Rusich" cars and 5 four-car trainsets of standard-length 81-series cars. These two types of trainsets are about the same length overall, as one "Rusich" car is roughly 1.4 times the length of the standard car.

27 Aug 2005: Kremlyovskaya - Gorki (6.8 km)
29 Dec 2008: Gorki - Prospekt Pobedy (1.6 km)
30 Dec 2010: Kremlyovskaya - Koz'ya Sloboda (2.6 km)
09 May 2013:
Koz'ya Sloboda - Aviastroitel'naya
30 Aug 2018: Prospekt Pobedy - Dubravnaya (1 km)

Kremlyovskaya Sukonnaya Sloboda Gorki
2005 © Andrey Surikov (More photos)


The first 5.4 km section of a second line has been under construction since 2019. It will run north from the southern terminus of the first line, Dubravnaya, and initially have four stations. In the longer term, it will continue north and then west to intersect with the first line at Yashlek/Volgogradskaya.




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