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Nizhniy Novgorod Metro map

Nizhniy Novgorod Tram


Metro Logo on top of Metro Head QuarterNizhniy Novgorod (1932 - 1991 > Gorki) is one of Russia's largest cities with 1.25 million inhabitants and it is situated about 400 km east of Moscow on the confluence of the Volga and Oka rivers.

The first section of the first line (Avtozavodskaya Line, later Gor'kovsko-Avtozavodskaya Line, since 2021 Avtozavodsko-Nagornaya Line) of the Nizhniy Novgorod metro opened on 20 November 1985 - from Moskovskaya to Proletarskaya. In 1986 it was extended to Avtozavodskaya and Komsomol'skaya and in 1987 to Kirovskaya and Park Kul'tury.

The first part of the second line (Sormovskaya Line, now Sormovsko-Meshcherskaya Line) began service on 20 December 1993 - from Moskovskaya to Kanavinskaya and Burnakovskaya. After some delays, the section Burnakovskaya - Burevestnik (1.2 km) finally opened in Sept. 2002. This is the only station so far with side platforms, it lies just below street level. Trains coming from the Avtozavodskaya Line used to continue their journey on the Sormovskaya Line, which is operated on the left side, by reversing direction at Moskovskaya. When the Avtozavodskaya Line was extended across the Oka River (3.4 km) on a new combined metro/road bridge into the old city centre in Nov. 2012, the two lines were meant to be operated separately. But with no reversing facility available for the Sormovskaya Line beyond Moskovskaya, the full separation was only possibe in June 2018 when the line was extended to Strelka just in time for the FIFA World Cup for which a new stadium had been built in that area. Cross-platform interchange is provided at Moskovskaya.

Avtozavodsko-Nagornaya Line - 11 stations - 14.9 km
Sormovsko-Meshcherskaya Line - 5 stations - 6.9 km

As of June 2018, the Nizhniy Novgorod metro has 16 stations (Moskovskaya counted twice) and a total length of 21.8 km.


20 Nov 1985: Moskovskaya - Proletarskaya
08 Aug 1987: Proletarskaya - Komsomol'skaya
15 Nov 1989: Komsomol'skaya - Park Kul'tury
20 Dec 1993: Moskovskaya - Burnakovskaya
09 Sept 2002: Burnakovskaya - Burevestnik
05 Nov 2012: Moskovskaya - Gor'kovskaya
13 June 2018: Moskovskaya - Strelka (~2.5 km)

Avtozavodskaya © Peter Donn Kanavinskaya  © Peter Donn
Photos © Peter Donn (metrosoyuza.net)


The first line is being extended further east to Opernyi Teatr and Sennaya.



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 Photos 1

Kanavinskaya - Ticket barrier Kanavinskaya - Ticket Office Kanavinskaya - corridor Leninskaya Leninskaya station name panel Moskovskaya Park Kul'tury station entrances Park Kul'tury platform access Park Kul'tury Metro Memorial

© Pictures courtesy of Dmitry Pribytkov

 Photos 2

Proletarskaya © Di. Vendox Moskovskaya © Di. Vendox Moskovskaya © Di. Vendox Pioner - train © Di. Vendox Chkalovskaya © Di. Vendox
Photos provided by Dmitry Aksenov (Mir Metro - Metroworld)

Moskovskaya © Boris Kogut Moskovskaya © Boris Kogut Kanavinskaya © Boris Kogut Oka Bridge © Ivan Gusev
Photos provided by Boris Kogut (1-3), Ivan Gusov (4)



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