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Omsk Metro Map

In the 80's, this Russian city (1.2 million inh.) situated in western Siberia on both sides of the river Irtysh planned a typical Russian 3-line subway network plus a fourth branch line.

Construction of Line 1 began in 1992: 6.2 km, 6 stations, from the city centre at Marshala Zhukova to the south as far as Rabochaya.

Update 25 May 2007 - Construction of tunnels between Kristall and Zarechnaya have been started. There are 1520 meters to go between these stations. Potential speed of construction is 5-6 meters per day. General contractor - "Mostovik" - is going to launch another TBM by the end of the year.

Update - Sept. 2005 by Yuri Popov:

The authorities announce that the first four stations will open in 2008: "Biblioteka imeni Pushkina" (Pushkin Library, ex 'Krasnyi Put'), "Zarechnaya", "Kristall" (ex-Bul'var Arhitektorov), and "Sobornaya" (Cathedral, ex-Avtovokzal). Metro bridge construction is almost complete, so they have three years to build four stations. All stations will be cut-and-cover, no deep tunnels.

Government of Omsk region approved the plan of constructing metro in Omsk city until 2008 on 13 April 2005. On 16 February tunneling was started on the first section. "Mostovik" has started work at two main sites: underground tunnels and stations and metro bridge over the Irtysh river. The first section will have 6.1 km in lenth; 4 stations: "Avtovokzal", "Bul'var Arkhitektorov", "Zarechnaya" and "Krasnyiy Put'"; 190,000 passengers per day; average speed 36 km/h; 10 minutes for the trip from one side to the other; it's planned to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2008. Projects include stretching the first section to the station "Rabochaya" before 2015 which will increase the whole length of the first line up to 13.6 km and 10 stations. Construction of the second line will start after 2015.

News 01/2004 (Andrey Surikov):

In 2003, there were two sites being constructed in Omsk. First is the tube tunnel had being constructed with Russian made TBM "KT-5,6 B21" between "Tupolevskaya" and "Rabochaya" stations. The TBM finished the tunnel (740 m, 10 m depth) on 23 OCT 2003. The second tunnel will not be constructed in the nearest years because the project has been changed and the first phase should be: 3 stations on the left bank and 1 on the right. In 2004 the metrobridge will be finished but only highway part (upper part). The TBM shall start boring tunnel from metrobridge. But the situation with foundation as usual is very poor and no real opening date was announsed. Some time it was announsed that only 2 stations with one tunnel and metrobridge would be opened first (2005) - "Krasny Put'" and "Zarechnaya" with shuttle service.


Mostovik general contractor of Omsk metro

Rosmetrostroy by Andrey Surikov

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