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Perm tram map

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The Russian city of Perm' lies on the western side of the Ural Mountains, thus it is among Europe's easternmost cities.


- opened 1929
- 48 km
- 1524 mm gauge

12 Jan 2021: Line 6/11 Dinamo Dvorets Sporta Orlyonok (1 km)


Straßenbahn Perm at Wikipedia.de

City Server - Transport

Tranvia Perm

 Perm' Metro Project
Construction of a metro system had been planned for a while, excavation work should have begun in 2005 for completion in 2015. The first stretches to be built were the southern leg of the blue line (up to Nagornaya) and/or the western leg of the red line (up to Parkoviy Prospekt). The basic network consisted of two lines, the Levoberezhno-Zavodskaya (Line A - red) and the Motovilikhinskaya (Line B - blue). Future extensions would have created a 3-line system, with all lines forming a typical Russian triangle in the city centre.

Planned Perm metro network

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