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Dnipro metro map

Dnipro Tram


Dnipro (until May 2016 Dnipropetrovs'k), Ukraine's third largest city (1 million inhabitants, Dnepr in Russian) on the river Dnieper is a major industrial centre in Southern Ukraine.

The first metro line opened in 1995 and has 6 stations. The first section starts at Vokzal'na (Central Railway Station) and runs towards the west. A metro train consists of 3-4 cars (initially 5-car-trains were used).

Apart from Komunarivs'ka (officially renamed Pokrovs'ka in 2015) all stations are deeply underground and some are of the typical large ex-Soviet palace style.



29 Dec 1995: Vokzal'na - Komunarivs'ka (now Pokrovs'ka)

Metro Dnepropetrovsk Metro Dnipropetrovsk Metro Dnepropetrovsk Metro Dnipropetrovsk Metro Dnepropetrovsk Metro Dnipropetrovsk


A 2.1 km extension of the existing line into the city centre east from the railway station has been under construction for many year, including Teatral'na and Tsentral'na stations.

Construction of the span Tsentral'na - Muzeina (other proposed names - Zhovtneva Ploshcha, Soborna, Istorichniy Muzei) is delayed. This will be the third section of Line 1.




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