Other map collections or general subway sites:

List of Rapid Transit Systems on Wikipedia - with links to individual network descriptions

New York City Subway Resources - great maps and the best information on American subways

Jon Bell's Rail Transit Pages

CityRailways.com - everything about metros in Italy

Transit Maps - interesting blog about mapping issues

Ferrocarta - railway and urban rail maps (USA, Canada, France, Brazil)

Sinfin - Link list of all railways (incl. urban rail) around the world by countries, by Glyn Williams

Metro Route Atlas by Andrew Fan (More urban rail maps for North & South America)


  Bits & pieces about metros and subways, trams and streetcars:

Metro Bits by Michael Rohde incl. metro logos, metros with a view, ....

Metro tokens, coins & banknotes - A compilation in PDF by Norbert R. [nore21@web.de]

Metro stamps - A compilation in PDF by Norbert R. [nore21@web.de]

Monorail Society - monorail systems around the world (Monorail Society)

Subway and Light Rail Forum at SkyscraperPage Forum

RailServe - The International Railroad Directory

Bahnsuche.de - Die Suchmaschine für die große Eisenbahn und Modelleisenbahn

Railfan-Europe - a large picture gallery with all sorts of trains incl. metros and trams

Bahnbilder - Rail Images as screen savers & Rail Simulators etc.

The Electric Railway Society (UK)

The ALWEG Archives - Monorail History


Metro Museums

Transportation History: The Trolley, Tram and Streetcar

World Rail Network - Database including all transit systems with maps and essential data

Videos - cab rides & line portraits of virtually all tram & metro lines worldwide (by Volker Wangemann)

Metro and tramway magazines:

Railway Gazette International (U.K.) - incl. Metro Report

Tramways & Urban Transit by LRTA (U.K.)

Stadtverkehr (Germany)

Straßenbahn-Magazin (Germany)

Blickpunkt Straßenbahn (Germany)

Tram (Switzerland)

Tram2000 (Belgium)

La Vie du Rail feat. Ville & Transports (France)

Vía Libre (Spain)

CityRailways (Italy)

Headlights (USA)

Mass Transit Magazine (USA)

Ceskoslovensky Dopravak (Czech news portal)

Transport Publiczny (Polish news portal)

Urban Transport Magazine

Urban Transport Magazine


  Associations and official websites:

Alamys.org - Association of Latin American, Spanish & Portuguese Metros and Subways

UITP - International Association of Public Transport

EMTA - Association of European Metropolitan Transport Authorities

APTA - American Public Transportation Association

LRTA - Light Rail Transit Association (UK)

VDV - Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (Germany)


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