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 Florida . USA

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Jacksonville Skyway Kings Ave © Mark MichalovicThe decision to build an automated downtown peoplemover in Jacksonville (Florida) was already taken in 1971. But construction work did not start until 1987. The 4 km automated, elevated monorail system was planned to operate from Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ) to the Prime Osborn Convention Center (Terminal station) and to Kings Avenue on the Southbank. Trains were ordered from MATRA Transit. A 1.1 km long starter line with three stations opened in June 1989 between Prime Osborn Convention Center and Central Station on the Northbank of the city. While construction of the remaining sections was delayed the contract with MATRA expired and a new provider for carriages and the signalling system had to be found. In the mid-1990's construction was resumed and Bombardier was chosen to supply new cars (the first MATRA vehicles were sold to Chicago's O'Hare airport shuttle line).

The new system was inaugurated in December 1997 from FCCJ to the Prime Osborn Convention Center (Terminal station), in October 1998 the Skyway River Crossing to San Marco station was put into service and eventually also the last segment to Kings Avenue opened on 1 November 2000.

Nine 2-car-trains carry up to 56 passengers per car. All eight stations are video-surveyed and fully accessible to the disabled. At all three terminal stations there are large park&ride facilities and bus transfer stations.



Dec. 1997: FCCJ (now Rosa Parks) - Terminal (later Convention Center, now LaVilla)
Oct. 1998: Central - San Marco
1 Nov. 2000: San Marco - Kings Avenue


Jacksonville Skyway Central Station © Mark Michalovic Jacksonville Skyway Kings Ave © Mark Michalovic Jacksonville Skyway Jacksonville Skyway Jacksonville Skyway

Photos 1-3 © Mark Michalovic; 4-6 © Robert Schwandl


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