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Saitama is the prefecture just north of Tokyo, linked by several JR and private railways. Saitama City with its major centre at Omiya has some 1.2 million inhabitants.

 Saitama New Shuttle

The New Shuttle, also known as Ina Line, is a manually driven guideway system, which runs alongside the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen routes in Saitama Prefecture in the north of the Tokyo conurbation (12.7 km, 13 stations)

22-12-1983: Omiya Hanuki
02-08-1990: Hanuki Uchijuku

Saitama New Shuttle Saitama New Shuttle Saitama New Shuttle Saitama New Shuttle
 Saitama Railway

Opened on 28 March 2001, this line is actually a northern extension of the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, running mostly underground outside Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture. It is 14.6 km long and has 8 colour-coded stations:

Akabane-Iwabuchi - Kawaguchi Motogo - Minami Hatogaya - Hatogaya - Araijuku - Totsuka Angyo - Higashi-Kawaguchi - Urawa Misono.

Saitama Railway Saitama Railway Saitama Railway




Saitama New Shuttle

Saitama Railway

JR East (Commuter Railways)

Railway Operators in Japan 4: Central Tokyo by Makoto Aoki (from Japan Railway & Transport Review)

All About Japanese Trains (includes a section on Tokyo subway rolling stock) by Mike Nakada

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Metros & Trams in JapanAndrew Phipps & Robert Schwandl

METROS & TRAMS in JAPAN - Vol. 1: Tokyo Region

Subways, suburban railways (JR East and Private Railways), trams, monorail and guided-transit systems in the Toyko conurbation - including Yokohama, Shonan, Tama, Saitama and Chiba

Text: German & English
160 pages, ca. 300 photos
Detailed network maps
June 2016
ISBN 978-3-936573-47-3



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