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 Baden Württemberg . Germany

Karlsruhe tram map

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Karlsruhe - approx. 290,000 inh., in the west of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Tram & Regional Light Rail ('tram-train')
- route length approx. 76 km (including all dc sections within the Karlsruhe city boundaries);
- 1435 mm gauge;
- city tunnel along Kaiserstraße with branch along Friedrichstraße/Ettlinger Straße planned;
- 6 urban tram lines (1-6; + line 8, which offers only a few journeys)

- 5 regional light rail lines that share urban tram routes: S1/S11, S2, S4/S41, S5 and S51/S52
   - S1 and S11 (750 V dc) share most of their route and provide a 10-minute service on their urban section;
   - S2 (750 V dc) provides a 10-minute service on its urban section between Reitschulschlag and Rheinstrandsiedlung;
   - S4 runs on DB tracks from Achern and Rastatt to Karlsruhe Albtalbahnhof, and from Durlach to Heilbronn and Öhringen
      - dual-voltage operation (ac/dc);
   - S5 runs on newly-built tram tracks through Wörth, then on DB tracks across the Rhine River;
      on the urban section through Karlsruhe line S5 provides a 10-minute service; beyond Grötzingen, some trains
continue to Bietigheim-Bissingen, where transfer is provided to Stuttgart's S-Bahn line S5
      - dual-voltage operation (ac/dc);
   - S51/S52 were introduced on 12 Dec 2010 serving the upgraded rail line from Wörth to Germersheim;
     while S52 enters Karlsruhe on the tram route served by line S5 (skipping some stops), S51 uses the faster railway line to Hauptbahnhof;
     each line loops around the city before returning to Germersheim on the other route

- lines S31 and S32 are operated jointly with the DB on mainline tracks only.
- line S3 is actually an hourly extension of the Rhein-Neckar S-Bahn from Mannheim via Heidelberg, not operated with light rail cars.

09-09-2012: Kongresszentrum - Philipp-Reis-Str. - Tullastr. - Rintheimer Str. (2.9 km, of which 1.8 km are newly built) served by line 6

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 Official Websites

Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe GmbH

AVG - Albtal Verkehrsgesellschaft

KVV - Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund

KASIG - Tunnel Project & Kombilösung

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