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 Comunidad de Madrid . Spain

Madrid Metro Ligero Tram

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 Tram System

Spain's capital Madrid is situated right in the centre of the country and has over 3 million inhabitants, with some 5 million in the metropolitan area.

The 2003-2007 metro expansion programme added a new means of transport to the already extensive Madrid metro network, the 'Metro Ligero', a network of modern light rail lines, operated with low-floor tramway rolling stock (Alstom Citadis), running on separate right-of-way and with several underground sections, especially on line ML1 in the northern outskirts of Madrid. At the same time a modern circular tram line was built in Parla, at the southern edge of the Madrid metropolitan area, a line operated with the same kind of rolling stock, though more urban in its appearance.

Besides the Metro Ligero, Madrid boasts the second largest Metro system in Europe, and the city and its surrounding area is also served by a frequent service of suburban trains called Cercanías.


  Pinar de Chamartín - Las Tablas 5.4 km - 9 stations

ML1In northern Madrid, Metro Ligero line ML1 is operated by a subsidiary of Metro de Madrid and connects Pinar de Chamartín metro station (L-1 & L-4) to Las Tablas metro station (L-10). With five stations underground of a total of nine stations this is the most metro-like line.

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  Colonia Jardín - Estación de Aravaca 8.7 km - 13 stations

ML2 Av. EuropaTogether with line ML3, ML2 forms the network operated by Metro Ligero Oeste S.A.; several underground sections and underpasses below busy roads. ML2 links Colonia Jardín metro station (L-10) to Aravaca Cercanías station (with fast links to Príncipe Pío).

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  Colonia Jardín - Puerta de Boadilla 13.7 km - 15 stations

ML3 Puerta de BoadillaTogether with line ML2, ML3 forms the network operated by Metro Ligero Oeste S.A.; mostly on the surface with only the shared Colonia Jardín terminus underground and Montepríncipe station in a trench. Some sections run through undeveloped land, which may change in the future (e.g. new national TV station), so more stops may be added.

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   Circular 8.2 km (circular route) - 16 stops

Tranvía de ParlaParla TramOn 5 June 2007, the first section of a 8.2 km circular tram route in the town of Parla, in the south of the Madrid metropolitan region, began regular passenger service. Parla is linked to Madrid via Cercanías line C4.

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