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 Piemonte . Italy

Turin VAL Line Map © UrbanRail.Net

Torino Tram


Turin's first metro line is based on the VAL system in Lille and Toulouse. It starts in the centre of Turin at the main railway station Porta Nuova, then runs west along Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to Porta Susa railway station and then further west to Collegno along Corso Francia. Upon completion in October 2007, the initial metro line was 9.6 km long and had 14 stations (Porta Susa having opened at a later date). With construction having started in Dec 2000, the first section opened in Feb. 2006 in time for the XX Winter Olympic Games. In 2007 the line was extended to Porta Nuova before reaching Lingotto in 2011, and 10 years later its present terminus at Bengasi.

The VAL 208 trains, built by Siemens, are formed by four 2.08 m wide cars, each train with a total length of 52 m. A typical station is 19 m wide and 60 m long, and lies at an average depth of 16 m. Platforms are separated from the tracks by platform screen doors. Whereas stations were built by the cut-and-cover method, running tunnels were excavated with tunnel-boring machines (7.8 m diameter).

Marche Marche Marche
Marche station (Photos © Philippe Berthe)

Turin also has an extensive tramway network, which includes light rail lines 3 and 4, which outside the city centre have long sections with their own rights-of-way. In the north, line 4 has a short tunnel with one underground station at Stura, where it intersects with the Passante.

Italian State Railways (Ferrovia dello Stato - Trenitalia) built the Passante, an underground north-south rail link from Stura to Lingotto, which was brought into service on 9 Dec 2012.


04 Feb 2006: XVIII Dicembre - Fermi (7.5 km)
05 Oct 2007: XVIII Dicembre - Porta Nuova (2.1 km; without Porta Susa station, which is to open when the adjacent railway station is finished)
06 Mar 2011: Porta Nuova - Lingotto (3.8 km)
09 Sept 2011: Porta Susa station added
23 Apr 2021: Lingotto - Bengasi (1.7 km)


A 3.4 km western extension was approved in March 2015, taking the line Fermi to Cascine Vica with three intermediate stations at Certosa, Collegno Centro, Leumann, with construction having started in 2019.

A second line is in an early stage of planning running north-south through the city centre.

(1) Re Umberto (2) Racconigi (3) XVIII Dicembre (Photos © Robert Schwandl)


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Porta Nuova  
Re Umberto
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XVIII Dicembre
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