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Sankt-Peterburg was the capital of the Russian empire until the Russian Revolution of 1917 when the power of the new Soviet state moved to Moscow. In 1914, the town changed its name from the German Sankt Petersburg into Russian Petrograd, but after Lenin died in 1924 it was renamed into Leningrad. Just before the end of the Soviet period, in 1991, the city's inhabitants decided to go back to its original name Sankt-Peter(s)burg. Today the city has 4.85 million inhabitants.

St. Petersburg's Metro has a total length of 118.5 km and 69 stations (5/2018). Like in Moscow, older stations are elegantly decorated whereas newer stations show a more functional design.

Due to the geological difficulties (swamp), most stations were built very deep (30-84 m, with Admiralteyskaya station the deepest); the unstable soil in fact caused the collapse of the tunnel between Pl.Muzhestva and Lesnaya.

Some stations on the St. Petersburg Metro boast an interesting feature: to reduce construction costs, the passenger platform is separated from the tracks by steel doors which open simultaneously with the doors of the arriving train, but these doors did not prove so successful, so that later stations were built without them.

After the first metro line was built in Moscow, plans for St. Petersburg were made, following the capital's model. But the first line was not opened until 1955.

Metro St. Petersburg Ploschad Vostanniya Metro St. Petersburg Nevskiy Prospekt Metro St. Petersburg Kirovskiy Zavod


   Line 1    Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya  Prospekt Veteranov - Devyatkino

This 11 km line between Avtovo and Pl. Vosstaniya linked four of five existing railway stations (the fifth was also linked in 1958). It was further extended on both sides. Today this line is 29.6 km long and has 19 stations.
In 1995 a section of the tunnel between Pl. Muzhestva and Lesnaya collapsed and had to be totally rebuilt. Through service could only be established in June 2004.

15/11/1955: Avtovo - Pl. Vosstaniya
01/06/1958: Pl. Vosstaniya - Pl. Lenina (under Neva river)
01/06/1966: Avtovo - Dachnoye (this on-ground station opened south of Avtovo; closed in 1977 when the line was extended).
22/04/1975: Pl. Lenina - Lesnaya
31/12/1975: Lesnaya - Akademicheskaya
29/09/1977: Avtovo - Prospekt Veteranov
29/12/1978: Akademicheskaya - Devyatkino (ex. Komsomol'skaya)(transfer to suburban rail lines)
26/06/2004: Pl. Muzhestva - Lesnaya section reopened

Metro St. Petersburg Akademicheskaya Metro St. Petersburg Ploschad Vostanniya Metro St. Petersburg Avtovo


   Line 2    Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya  Parnas - Kupchino

The second line runs north-south and is 30.1 km long (18 stations). At the station Tekhnologicheskiy Institut Line 1 and Line 2 provide convenient cross-platform transfer. In Dec 2006 a surface extension on the tracks that lead to depot was added.

29/04/1961: Tekhnologicheskiy Institut - Park Pobedy
01/07/1963: Tekhnologicheskiy Institut - Petrogradskaya
25/12/1969: Park Pobedy - Moskovskaya
25/12/1972: Moskovskaya - Kupchino (transfer station with suburban trains)
06/11/1982: Petrogradskaya - Udelnaya
19/08/1988: Udelnaya - Prospekt Prosveshcheniya
22/12/2006: Prospekt Prosveshcheniya - Parnas

Metro St. Petersburg Chyornaya Rechka Metro St. Petersburg Sennaya Ploschad Metro St. Petersburg Moskovskiye Vorota


   Line 3    Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya  Begovaya - Rybatskoe

12 stations and ~27.5 km long.

03/11/1967: Vasileostrovskaya - Pl. Aleksandra Nevskogo
25/12/1970: Pl. Aleksandra Nevskogo - Lomonosovskaya
28/09/1979: Vasileostrovskaya - Primorskaya
10/07/1981: Lomonosovskaya - Obukhovo
28/12/1984: Obukhovo - Rybatskoye
26/05/2018: Primorskaya - Begovaya

08/2020: Novokrestovskaya station renamed Zenit

Metro St. Petersburg Primorskaya Metro St. Petersburg Mayakovskaya Metro St. Petersburg Lomonossovskaya


   Line 4    Pravobereznaya   Spasskaya - Ulitsa Dybenko

Line 4 (8 stations - 11.2 km) comes from the eastern side of the river Neva into the city centre. In various stages it was extended towards the northwestern districts to form a cross-city line, but in March 2009, the northwestern leg was transferred to the new Line 5, so that line 4 now terminates in the city centre in a new station called Spasskaya, located next to Sadovaya/Sennaya Pl.

30/12/1985: Pl. A. Nevskogo - Prospekt Bolshevikov
01/10/1987: Prospekt Bolshevikov - Ulitsa Dybenko
30/12/1991: Pl. A. Nevskogo - Sadovaya
15/09/1997: Sadovaya - Chkalovskaya
14/01/1999: Chkalovskaya - Staraya Derevnya
03/09/1999: Krestovskiy Ostrov added
02/04/2005: Staraya Derevnya - Komendantskiy Prospekt

07/03/2009: Sadovaya - Komendantskiy Prospekt transferred to new Line 5
07/03/2009: Dostoyevskaya - Spasskaya

Metro St. Petersburg Spasskaya Metro St. Petersburg Dostoyevskaya Metro St. Petersburg Aleksandra Nevskogo


   Line 5    Frunzensko-Primorskaya  Komendantskiy Prospekt - Shushary

Construction of Line 5 began in the 1990s, but was suspended for some years due to financial problems; the first stations were brought into service eventually in Dec. 2008. In March 2009, the section Sadovaya - Komendantskiy Prospekt, which was formerly part of Line 4, was incorporated into the new line 5. Although Admiralteyskaya station was built in 1997, without exits, though, in provision for a future transfer to line 3, it was not opened until December 2011.

15 stations - 26.2 km

15/09/1997: Sadovaya - Chkalovskaya
14/01/1999: Chkalovskaya - Staraya Derevnya
03/09/1999: Krestovskiy Ostrov
station added
02/04/2005: Staraya Derevnya - Komendantskiy Prospekt

20/12/2008: Volkovskaya - Zvenigorodskaya
Sadovaya - Komendantskiy Prospekt connected to Line 5
Obvodnyi Kanal station added
Admiralteyskaya station added
28/12/2012: Volkovskaya - Mezhdunarodnaya
03/10/2019: Mezhdunarodnaya - Shushary (6.1 km)

Metro St. Petersburg Komendantskiy Prospekt Metro St. Petersburg Obvodniy Kanal Metro St. Petersburg Mezhdunarodnaya


Other renamed stations: Pl. Mira - Sennaya Pl.; Krasnogvardeyskaya - Novocherkasskaya


Besides various extensions planned or under construction on the existing five lines, line M6 began construction in 2013 for opening in 2023. In a first stage it will link the southwestern suburbs to other metro lines.

For project details click here (thanks to Yuri Popov)



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Metro St. Petersburg Avtovo Metro St. Petersburg  Aleksandra Nevskogo Metro St. Petersburg Krestovskiy Ostrov

Metro St. Petersburg Metro St. Petersburg Metro St. Petersburg




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